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Life is Short. Be Festive!

You know why it’s so much fun being human?! Aren’t we all social creatures?

We’re fans, friends, and volunteers. We join causes, clubs and organizations. We meet, mingle, hang and tailgate together.

So if you are a business wanting to advertise your service, a non-profit wanting to bring awareness to your cause, an organizer of a festival or annual event, or a school wanting to raise funds while creating school spirit, Beverage Solutions has the perfect product to help you join in the festivities by making everyone hands free.

Why be hands free? Ever have to juggle your drink at an event while you were eating, talking, clapping, or cheering? With Sport Your Drink™ carriers and Boberry® wine glass holders you and your event attendees can now be hands free to truly enjoy the moment. Plus your company or organization’s message can be customized making either product a unique, practical and memorable promotional item.

Whether you choose the Sport Your Drink™ carrier or the Boberry® wine glass holder,  they are both a fun and festive way to sport your company or organization’s logo, message and colors.  The best part is that they will be used time and again long after your event is over and get your name out time and again.

  • Sport Your Drink

    Sport Your Drink

    The all-purpose and completely customizable beverage holder.

    A fun and practical advertising tool to show off, raise funds, thank employees and customers. Plus your logo, message and cause lives on long after the event is over.... more

  • Boberry Wine Holder

    Boberry Wine Products

    The original very Boberry® "Eat, Drink & Be Merry™" wine glass holder.

    Unique and versatile tool to raise funds, thank employees and customers with benefits that live on after the event is long over... more

  • Our Story
      How we came to be

    Leslie Haas ClantonIf you've ever thought "there's got to be a better way," read on to learn how two "ah-ha" moments ultimately ended the "struggle to juggle" dilemma and led to the creation of two new inventions!... more

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