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  • The new fully adjustable Sport Your Drink holders from Beverage Solutions are the greatest. I do a lot of running and biking, so I need to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Other holders just didn't work for me. Now I can run further and bike longer with my Sport Your Drink holder flung over back and out of my way, that is, until its time to take a drink.
    Jack, Washington DC

Boberry Wine Products

patents #D554,856 and #D555,897

The original Very Boberry® “Eat, Drink & Be Merry” wine glass holder takes being hands-free to a new level. Customers say it’s the best looking and most easy-to-use wine glass holder available. Choose from our wide variety of themed prints for holidays, sports teams, wine festivals, elegant functions, and more with our scrunchie-like fabric covers.

Wine festivals and networking events love our Boberry® wine glass holders because

  • Our unique and patented double u-shaped wire sling is adjustable, so it fits most wine glass holders and is also ideal for tapered cups.
  • Our wide lanyards fits comfortably around your neck and have two quick releases allowing you to place and remove the wine glass holder with ease.
  • You can easily see the color and clarity of your wine because they do not wrap around and block the view of the glass.
  • They allow you to be hands free to jot notes on your favorite wines.
  • Give you the freedom to shake hands, exchange business cards, and of course, handle a plate of hors d’oeuvres easily without having to search for a place to put down your wine glass.
  • Make life easier for people with disabilities, especially hearing impaired who need to be hands free to sign to communicate.

Planning an event and want to try us out for size? Request your free sample today. Once you receive and try out your Boberry® wine glass holder, we’d love to hear from you how easy it made being hands free for you.

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